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In this work I travelled to Texas. With the help of my Momma I began to

 rebuild a memory from childhood of riding on the back of her Huffy bike in a child's bike seat. Me and my Momma drove the same streets that she rode her bike on all those years ago.  She talked about how hard it was back in those days as we drove. I found a 1978 Huffy Bicycle an exact replica of the one she took all those years ago. I was also able to find the plastic child's seat. I brought them back to the UK and I rode the journey that my Momma had to take from my Grandma's house to her friend's house to drop me off and to her job at a hamburger place called "Jack in the Box". The work is extremely symbolic and based on the relationship between me and Momma. 

This project was supported and funded by the Edna Lumb Travel Prize.


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